Release 2.0.0-alpha5

This release expands device detection (through WURFL integration), provides bug fixes and other minor features.


  • Delivery events from the device are persisted in the database.
  • Can configure framework to detect network id and user id from the HTTP header.
  • Added a WURFL repository to the header to allow the application deveopler to query device capabilities.
  • A WURFL converter converts a WURFL file to a JSR-124 device file.
  • Updated dependencies to j2se-registry 1.2
  • Fixed a bug in the stocking handler that prevented PAR files from being sucessfully loaded when using special handlers.
  • Updated Documentation

Release 2.0.0-alpha4

This release includes search functionality using the Lucene search engine.

Release 2.0.0-alpha3

This release focuses on content delivery. JVending now provides working implementations of the MIDP and Generic Adapters. The web portal handles icons and the delivery of over 100 generic content types. Features/Changes:
  • The deliverables configuration file is only used for descriptors. Removed the now unused image and cached deliverable classes.
  • Added icon support to the web portal
  • Added general content support to the web portal
  • The MIDPAdapter and MidpAdapterServlet handles JAD and JAR delivery, as well as install and delete notifications
  • Application notifies the provisioning framework of delivery events.
  • Stocking framework handles the stocking of JNLP content.
  • Stocking Documentation
  • Adapter Documentation

Release 2.0.0-alpha2

This release provides the ability to add multiple configurations for stocking filters and policies and includes a new Stocking API, a MIDP adapter and numerous fixes in bringing the implementation closer to the JSR-124 spec. This release also includes a simple web portal for the stocking and viewing of content.

Release 2.0.0-alpha1

This release supports most of the JSR-124 spec. The project structure is more modular than version 1 and is designed with the the developer in mind. A lot of the encapsulation (in regards to configuration, DAOs and application startup) has been relaxed to make the application both easier to adapt to the developer's environment and easier to build unit tests. Major Features
  • JSR-124 API and matchers
  • Stocking of Provisioning Archives
  • Stocking configuration and API for creating content policies and filters.
  • Catalog tag library for displaying of the client bundle meta-information.
  • Much cleaner and extendable configuration (handled by Registry-CDC, Registry-J2SE and Registry-J2EE libraries)
  • Hibernate 3 Support
  • Maven 2.0 Build
  • Script to install Sun's JAXB libraries within the local maven repo
Missing Features: The following features included within provisioning-j2ee v1.3.10 are not currently available, but will be rolled out in future releases.
  • Web Services support
  • JXTA (P2P) support
  • Web Admin and User Discovery Functionality
  • Adapter support for delivery to the device
Moved Features: The following features have been moved to other JVending projects
  • Push Initiator/WAP Protocols
  • J2ME MMS Client
Unsupported Features: The following features are no longer supported
  • DRM - Byte-Code Instrumentation

Release 1.3.9a

This is a major alpha release of JVending that incorporates a near complete JSR-124 implementation. It includes hooking JSR-124 based device detection and content matching into JXTA services, thereby allowing P2P based searches that return content appropriate for a particular mobile device. Also includes WAP Push, web services, an admin site and a WAP portal. Major Features
  • Near complete JSR-124 implementation (still missing JNLP support and has not undergone the TCK).
  • Web services (SOAP) catalog query
  • JXTA based WAP Push for wireless messaging
  • JXTA based content searching for both the web and mobile devices
  • P2P federation of front-end wap portal
  • Device detection for filtering of content
  • Dynamic WAP site that automatically generates the portal based upon content types and categories from the catalog meta-data
  • Admin site (Struts)
  • Licensing changed from BSD style to LGPL
Other Features:
  • XML based configuration files
  • PPG Adapter
  • JXTA Shell commands: catalog, federation, ppg
  • Federation API for the peer services
  • New stocking API that includes filters
  • Packaged to support Weblogic 8.1, JBoss, Apache and Jetty.
  • JSP Tag libraries for JSR-124 bundles
  • Web based PAR submittal and content page
  • Web based Catalog Management
  • Login and security
  • Support for MIDP (J2ME) provisioning and other general content types: images, flash, pdf, etc
  • New database schema
  • Updated Documentation
  • Removed support for the original JAD/JAR submittal. Now all stocking needs to be done through a PAR file or individually through the content submittal page.
  • J2ME Authentication package removed.
  • Database schemas removed. Hibernate automatically generates the schemas.