Deploying within a Web Application Archive

Within the provisioning-portal module, you will find a skeleton for creating provisioning WAR file. There is a simple web site for stocking and viewing, but for more advanced functionality you will need to build your own. If you are looking for an out of the box solution, you also have the option of going with the previous version of JVending (1.3.10) that has a complete admin site and basic portal for discovery and delivery.

All of the configuration files are located under the ./provisioning-portal/src/webapp/WEB-INF/jvending-config directory and JVending will be able to read the config files from inside the WAR. If you are not deploying on a Linux/Unix environment, you will need to make one change within the hsqldb_peer.cfg.xml file. Change the jdbc:hsqldb:file:/tmp/jvending/db/catalog value to point to a directory where you want to store your catalog. After that, just type mvn -o install and it will build the WAR file for you.