How to Build

To build, you will need to download and install Maven 2.0.2

Provisioning-J2EE has 3 dependent libraries from JVending: Registry-CDC 1.3.0, Registry-J2SE 1.1.0 and Registry-J2EE 0.1.0. The CDC and J2SE versions are up on so the project will download as part of the build. You will need to download the J2EE version of the registry, which will not be up on ibiblio until it is more mature.

Once you have built the registry-j2ee package, go to the provisioning-j2ee directory, where you have unarchived the provisioning build. You will need to execute the install script within the scripts directory. This will place Sun's JAXB libraries (which due to licensing issues are not available from the ibiblio maven repo) into the local maven repo. To build the entire application, type mvn install on the command line.

The initial build will take a while (even on a fast connection) since maven needs to do a one time download of dependent libraries. Some of these dependencies are for the Maven plugins, while others are for JVending. Due to many transitive dependencies, you may encounter hangs within the first build. In that case, you may need to cancel and then retry. Once you go through this initial setup, then subsequent builds will go much more quickly. Also after the initial build, everything will be cached, so you can type mvn -o install to build without any further download attempts. This will speed things up because Maven will not try to look for the JAXB Sun libraries, which doesn't exist within the remote repos.

After doing a complete build, you can go to the subdirectories (like provisioning-impl) and type mvn install and just build that module.