Migrating from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0

The previous verison of registry-j2se was dependent on registry-cdc 1.1.0. This release is dependent on registry-cdc 1.3.0, so see the migration tips for the registry-cdc:

One difference for the user is the removal of the singleton for the HibernateDAORegistry. Previously, a DAO was obtained by finding by the class name.

    TestDAO testDao = (TestDAO) HibernateDAORegistry.find("org.jvending.registry.test.TestDAO");

Now this is done through the use of an abstract factory

    HibernateDAORegistry daoRegistry = HibernateDAORegistry.Factory.create();
    TestDAO testDao = (TestDAO) daoRegistry.find("dao:TestDAO");

Also notice that we no longer find the DAO by the class name. Instead we begin the parameter with dao:, followed by some unique ID. This allows the implementation of the DAO to change freely, without requiring any changes to the dependent application.