How to Use

These example shows how to add additional jars and to configure the MIDP version and extensions.




To install the plugin, go to the plugin directory and type mvn install from the command line.

Using with Multimodule Build

This plugins employs some hacks to get the multimodule build working with the default outputDirectory and classesDirectory. It is important to understand the assumptions made with this hack to avoid breaking the build.

You could break the build if 1) you have a directory structure /home/foo/foo, 2) you have a projectDir value of foo and 3) you run maven install from /home/foo. The plugin will assume a single project build when it should be a multimodule build. So make sure for multimodule builds that the directory you are running from is not of the same name of the projectDir value.

Also keep in mind that the current version of the plugin only supports multimodule builds of one level deep.